Students come to Tegeler Community School from a variety of different backgrounds and situations. Every student who is accepted for enrollment is presented with the opportunity to become a part of the TCS program or remain at/return to their home campus. Choosing TCS is not just something that can be decided in the moment. Each day student actions must reflect that choice.

Registration for Tegeler Community School is initiated by the Counselor at the student’s home campus. The parent or student will contact the Counselor to begin the registration process. Once the referral has been received and approved, students will be invited to interview for the program.

Enrollment at Tegeler Community School is currently available to families zoned to the Pasadena Independent School District.

As we embark on this exciting transition, we want to assure our students and families that our focus remains on their success. Together, we will create an environment that fosters academic excellence and personal growth for all of our students.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to the new Tegeler Community School.

For additional information about the program,
interested parents can contact
Tegeler Community School at 713-740-0410 or email [email protected].