Success Stories

 Houston Chronicle  Article Struggling Pasadena ISD students find success at Community School
Kimberly "Kat" Wilkerson
Kat Wilkerson Traditional high school wasn’t a good fit for Kimberly “Kat” Wilkerson. After three years of what Wilkerson describes as a “daily struggle,” she decided to consider other options for completing her high school education. Wilkerson decided to attend Community School.  

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Elias Gutierrez
Elias Gutierrez During his freshman year of high school, Elias Gutierrez, now 19, experienced a loss in his family. Afterward, Gutierrez struggled while attending his traditional high school and fell behind in his classes. Determined to graduate, but unsure of how to make up his lost credits, Gutierrez turned to Community School. 

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Valerie Garcia
Valerie Garcia Valerie Garcia is a mom, wife and Assistant Cafeteria Manager at Kendrick Middle School. In December 2020, Garcia was able to add one more title to that list: high school graduate! Thanks to the Texas Alternative Recertification Application (TARA) Program at Community School Pasadena, TX, Garcia was able to complete her high school education and earn a diploma.

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Christopher Seretti
Christopher Seretti Recent Community School graduate Christopher Seretti wanted to earn his diploma on time, but struggled while attending his traditional high school campus. After falling behind, Seretti decided to research other ways to complete his education. During his research, he learned about the programs available at Community School.

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Shantel McNeal
Shantel McNeal Shantel McNeal is a recent Community School graduate. Similar to many students, after facing instability in her home life, McNeal was faced with adult responsibilities, followed by the need to make choices for her future. Prior to enrolling Community School, McNeal attended one of the district’s traditional high schools, but soon found that the combination of a tough situation at home and an increasing workload at school, led her to experience an increase in stress and consider other options for completing her high school education.

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 Eddie Herrera  
Eddie Herrera Eddie Herrera, 19, is a recent Community School graduate. Like many students, the road to graduation was not a straight line for Herrera. After he was no longer able to attend his traditional high school in Pasadena ISD, Herrera decided to try Community School.

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