What are the classes at Community School like? 
Almost all of our the classes are delivered via a computer-based, blended format through a variety of platforms, such as Plato, Edgenuity, Schoology, and Glogster.  You will be scheduled into 3 classes to start, for two periods each.  Your progress your classes is done at an accelerated self-pace.  In each of these classes you will have a teacher who facilitates the course and who guides and assists you as you progress.  Our campus does not work on a traditional 6-week or semester-based timeline.  Once you complete any of your classes, you will be scheduled into the next one that you need. 

I’m enrolled in an Edgenuity class at my home campus—can I finish it when I come here? 
Unfortunately, no.  Our class curriculum is different from the one at your home campus.  If you would still like credit for that class, you can finish it before enrolling here. 

Do you have busses? 
Yes.  Our busses are not part of the regular route, so we will likely need to set up a bus stop for you.  You will have to ride the bus consistently, or transportation will drop the route.  Setting up a bus stop typically takes 24-72 hours, and therefore we ask that you try to find transportation to get here until you receive confirmation of bus transportation. 

How long is it going to take me to graduate? 
We try to pace students to complete one class in 4-5 weeks. You are taking 3 classes at a time, which means you should work to complete 3 classes every 4-5 weeks. Each class is worth .5 credit.  Therefore, for example, if you needed 3 credits to graduate you could do so in approximately 8-10 weeks if you work hard. 

Ok, but how long is it going to take me to graduate? 
That’s up to you.  Students who work hard finish faster.  Students who don’t work hard take longer.  Students who miss school and don’t work daily will be at risk for not completing.

Can I still walk with my home campus at graduation? 
Yes.  You can also go to your school’s prom.  However, it is up to you to order your cap and gown and find out the information about graduation practice times and prom ticket sales. 
Is this a real diploma? 
Yes.  Yours is a Pasadena ISD diploma issued by your home campus and looks just like everyone else’s.