Night School

Night School is for students who are currently enrolled at their home high school campuses but who need to take additional classes to either catch up with--or get ahead on--their required credits. Night School operates on a rotating enrollment throughout the school year. Students can enroll on any day of the school year and start classes the following Monday and can be initiated by the counselor at the home campus.

Enrollment in Night School classes is available for both in-district and out-of-district students upon approval from the home campus.

Classes take place every Monday and Wednesday night from 6:00-8:15 PM, except on designated PISD student holidays. The Night School rotating enrollment calendar extends from mid-September through mid-June.

Cost: $65 for In-District Students/$150 for non-PISD Students
Cash or Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover)

Night School courses are delivered via various online platforms and supplemental activities with teacher support. Students have up to 10 weeks to complete a course. Night School is not a semester-based program. There is no virtual option available.

Quick FYI:
• Students must bring their PISD device & charger.
• Students must provide their own headphones that connect to their PISD device.
• Cell phones may not be used during class. Violators will have their phone taken up. There will be a $15.00 fee for its return. There is no first-time warning.
• Dress must be school appropriate. (See dress code on following page.)
• Transportation home must be here at 8:15 PM dismissal. There are no personnel on duty past 8:30 PM.
• Students who share answers, cheat, or use search engines/AI to look up answers to their work are subject to removal from Night School.
• Once students have begun a class, there are no refunds permitted.
• The accumulation of anything in EXCESS OF TWO (2) ABSCENCES will result in the student being dropped from the course without refund. Even one excess tardy can cause a student to be dropped.
• Students arriving after 6:00 PM will receive tardies in increments of 15 minutes.
• Refunds for payments made through SKYWARD are not immediate and can take up to 14 days.
4949 Burke Rd.
Pasadena, Texas 77504
(713) 740-0410

There are no excused absences from Night School classes, even with a parent or a doctor’s note. Students are permitted a maximum of two absences.

Students arriving after 6:00 PM will receive tardies in increments of 15 minutes. Nine (9) tardies equal one absence.
The accumulation of anything IN EXCESS OF TWO (2) ABSCENCES will result in the student being dropped from the course without refund. EXAMPLE: If a student has 2 absences and then comes tardy to Night School, the student will be dropped. Or, if a student is repeatedly and significantly late for Night School, and the amount of time accumulates to more than 18 tardies, the student will be dropped from the course without refund.

Most coursework will be done during Night School hours, but there are some assignments that may be worked on from home, at teacher discretion. Students have up to ten (10) consecutive weeks to complete a class. If a student does not complete the class by the end of the ten-week period, he/she can pay an additional $10.00 (Additional Time Fee) per week. Once students have finished all requirements for a class and earned a passing grade, they will be issued a report card. Once students receive a report card they are not required to return to class.

Grades and Credit
After students have completed the coursework, they will receive their final report card in digital format. Tegeler Community School will process the grade in Skyward and contact the home campus to notify them of the course completion. If additional courses are needed, space permits, and if the counselor provides the student with a referral (Online form) a student may then register and pay for another class.
NOTE: Student grades will not be released to the home school until any Night School fees are cleared.

Dress Code
The following standards of student dress and grooming shall be maintained.
• No type of head covering, cap or hat, headband, hair rollers, or long-handled combs may be worn on the campus.
• Symbols and/or styles identified with gang membership or representation will not be allowed.
• Shirts and blouses shall be appropriately sized.
• The hemline of a dress, skirt, or shorts must be in close proximity to the kneecap. All pants must be properly fitted and may not have holes or slits in them above the knee.
• Tops with revealing necklines are prohibited. The midriff must not be exposed when a student goes through normal activities of a school day. Shirts must have sleeves.
• Revealing or excessively tight garments are prohibited. Foundation garments must be worn.
• Students must wear shoes that are appropriate for school—i.e., No slippers or house shoes.
• Articles of clothing, accessories or jewelry with inappropriate decorations or advertisements are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, that which alludes to drugs, alcohol, sexual acts, violence, gang membership, death, suicide, or violence.
• Backpacks are not permitted on campus.

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