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 SchoolCenter Picture High School Credit or Recovery/Evening School
High School Initial Credit or Recovery(Evening School)
Individuals who are attending a PISD High School and want to earn additional credits or recover lost credit.
Community School gives high school students who have not completed their high school education an opportunity to make-up deficiencies in credits or to earn additional high school credits by taking classes in the evening. Students may enroll with the approval of their principal or counselor.

Second Chance Program
Individuals who live within the PISD attendance area and are not currently enrolled in a PISD High School and want to earn a High School Diploma.
Community School Second Chance Program is for former PISD High School students who are not currently enrolled in one of our high schools and who wish to earn their diploma in a non traditional setting. This program offers morning, afternoon, and evening classes for individuals who meet certain criteria.


GED adult classes are offered in partnership with Harris County Department of Education at Community Evening School. All classes meet for 3 hours twice a week for twelve weeks. Classes are offered at no charge to students. For more information, contact HCDE at 713-692-6216.